Your company can get benefits from offshore development companies in several ways, most of them focused on either money or time. In this article, we would like to present you with the best benefits of partnering with an Offshore software development company in India.

Offshoring essentially means the process of outsourcing certain sections of a company’s operations abroad to cut down on costs in one’s home country. Offshoring occurs in two models: partnering with an offshore company or offshoring as a subsidiary. A business to set up offices in another country is required when offshoring as a subsidiary. Take, for example, Cisco (the networking hardware company) has a research and development arm in India which can be seen as a case for offshoring as a subsidiary. One could also partner with an offshore company that has a good reputation in the industry. Clients from all over the world reach out to such companies to scale their development teams. Through their offshore counterpart, such companies provide software development to their clients. For their tech businesses, many companies are looking at offshore software development. In doing so, companies can get plenty of advantages and let’s have a closer look at it in further sections.

Best Benefits of employing Offshore Development for Your Company

Without risking financial security for their core businesses how can medium and small-scale businesses build better customer experiences? The answer to that question lies in having an offshore development centre in India. In the past decade, India has become one of the top destinations for outsourced software development in India. Previously India was touted as the ‘global software outsourcing destination’ due to the low cost operations model available in the country. Nowadays, things have changed drastically. Below given are some of the important benefits of partnering with offshore development companies in India.

  1. Market your product faster

With offshore software development, you can complete your new soft products in a quicker time. This is possible by offshore development companies pooling in a group of talent that they have interviewed, tested and recruited. In this way, you can save precious time by eliminating the various processes involved in recruiting software developers for your company.

  1. Improve the quality of your product.

It is not just money you can save but also enhance the quality of your product with the help of offshore software development. You get the liberty to invest more time in brainstorming new ideas, identifying customer needs and planning software projects. The quality of your product is assured with the best standards when you work with a team of highly qualified and experienced developers.

  1. Save a substantial amount of money.

Time and again, one of the best benefits of employing offshore software development is that you can save a substantial amount of money. You can also decrease your overhead costs and also operational costs considerably. Take for example in the USA, there is a huge difference in the wages between offshore host countries and the US. Around $25 to $45 per hour is the average earning of an offshore developer. Compared to the hourly software development rates in the US, it is 50 to 70 per cent less expensive! Another best part of this situation is that offshore developers are very talented. Lower salary rates can be paid to overseas developers since they have lower living expenses. This means that you can get the best and most skilled developers to work on your product affordably.

  1. Easy access to skilled labour.

Choosing offshore software development provides you with access to a wider pool of talent from different parts of the world rather than being limited to one’s city or region. You can tap into an ocean of talented developers (who may not be available in the local market) by outsourcing development. You may have to lower your expectations in terms of finding specialists in the field when you are hiring onshore or within your locality. In the US for example, there is a shortage of software developers. When you choose to outsource, you get the best access to talented professionals from different parts of the world. You can also curate your team according to the specific requirements of your software product.

  1. Scale your team

You may need to scale up your operations as your business picks up steady growth. You can also add team capacity efficiently and fast by offshoring software development. Offshore software development companies make this happen by taking advantage of the huge pool of talent they possess. The partner company can quickly take off your additional need for developers if you want to go for a large team.

  1. Yield tax benefits and financial incentives

One of the main reasons why countries value foreign investment is to give a boost to their economies. In the Philippines for example, the government actively encourages and offers incentives and tax holidays that can benefit foreign investors. Such a policy is an encouragement for foreign investors to invest in the Filipino workforce by providing them with job opportunities. In this way, benefits are reaped mutually by both the investor country and also the offshore country.

  1. Improve customer satisfaction.

By employing offshore software development, you can satisfy your clients effectively and reliably. In most cases, there would be a major time difference between both the offshore team and your company. This time difference can be effectively used to benefit your customers. For example, outside of your local office hours, your offshore team can offer support. In this way, your clients would have round clock customer support.


  1. Reduce risks

Taking into terms the matter of investment, with a lower cost factor offshoring involves minimal risk. By partnering with a reputed and trusted offshore software development company, one can mitigate common risks such as non-compliance. The best offshore development companies would have a good record of retaining clients. This is because such companies provide a client-friendly capped billing process that has a predictable expense structure and also they work in such a way that your company can focus on its core business.

By employing offshore software development, you are provided with an ample amount of time and energy to concentrate on your company’s core processes. You can free up your company’s internal resources by partnering with an offshore software development company. You don’t have to spend time recruiting and hiring people and the offshore company will do it on your behalf to find the best talents for you. 

  1. Grow your business.

With the best advantages in terms of quality and cost, offshore software development companies provide a solid foundation for rapid growth. Offshoring can boost your business growth at unprecedented rates when done right. Finding the right offshore software development partner would be the first step in this regard. 

  1. Continuous Innovation

Especially for small business owners, making sure that their digital infrastructure evolves according to emerging technological concepts and market trends is of utmost importance. For small-scale businesses, investing in research and development would not be a cost-effective decision. In such a case, employing offshore software development can provide small-scale businesses with the best profits in an affordable manner.


Partner with the best offshore software development company in India!

Offshore software development companies can provide the best, fast and most affordable software development solutions with contract periods according to your needs. Flexible work arrangements and the best team of talented professionals are some of the major highlights of offshore development companies.