Copy and pasting is a feature that is used by every person on their smartphones as it makes different things and functions very easy however if you want to see all the information that you have copied then, you need to look for the history of your clipboard since the clipboard is the place where all the copied and pastes items are stored. 

Here in the guide, we are going to tell you how to see clipboard history so that you can see all the information that you have copied.

How can you Check the History of your Clipboard on Android devices?

There are different methods that people can use when they want to view the clipboard history of Android however here we are mentioning the simplest method that people can easily understand and use without anybody’s help. 

Method 1: Access Clipboard history with Google keyboard (Gboard)

Most Android phones come with the in-built Gboard that is used by people and to see your clipboard history, you need to open the keyboard and then, press the arrow key that is present on the left corner of the keyboard. 

Now, you need to choose the ‘paperboard’ option which will open the Google Clipboard manager from where you can easily see the history of your Clipboard as well as retrieve any message that you want to see. We hope that you have understood this simple method that you need to follow when you want to see the clipboard history Android on any device to see all the messages and information that you have copied on your Android Smartphone. 

Method 2: Use any Third- Party Application

If you do not use this option then, the other option that you have is to take help from third-party applications. This is one of the convenient methods on which you may rely without any hassle.

These third-party applications are known as Clipboard Manager which lets you customize and organize your data according to you.

We have got some of the best apps for you which have a simple user interface and easy-to-understand features.

  1. Clipboard Manager
  2. Clipt
  3. Clip stack

All you need to do is simply install any one of them from the Google Play Store copy the piece of information that seems important to you and paste the text or the URL of your choice. 

Note one thing whenever you install any app, only grant the permission that is really required, and in case you have to give any permission that is required for a specific work, once it’s done remove that access from that application.

Method 3: Use SwiftKey Keyboard to access Clipboard History

From here as well you can see your clipboard history of yours. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. For this, we need to bring the keyboard upward, so you need to copy the text.
  2. And finally, click on the ‘paperboard’ icon which might be available either in front of you or by tapping on those ‘three dots’.
  3. Once you get to the paperboard option, there you will see your history and you may pin any of them you want, for future reference.

We hope these methods will help to easily have a record and navigate to the desired information.