There is a good chance that you are probably seeing a lot of free phone lookups out there. However, what you end up getting with these services is some basic free information such as the geographical location of the phone carrier and maybe a name. And, then pops up the paying option that is enticing you to a pay a certain amount to reveal more details about the number.

Well, you have to be extremely careful when using such services because there is no 100% guarantee that the correct database is going to spit out the latest and greatest information associated with the number. In fact, you might be paying for information that is outdated. Here are three tips that you should consider when using reverse phone number lookup services.

Running The Number In Google

Google is by far the most comprehensive, free public search engine out there. It can provide search results for a wide range of documents, websites, blogs, resumes, and other online resources where the number you are looking for might appear. Simply type the number into Google search and you will probably uncover a plethora of information. With any luck, you will be able to find the name and zip code attached to that phone number.

Once you have the name and zip code, you can even delve deeper into the mystery. Simply reopen Google and type in the name followed by the zip code. With this information, you could potentially Google Map yourself a route right to the source of the number. However, there are some individuals that have removed themselves from the Google phone directory so your results might prove futile.

Make Sure You Choose A Reliable Site

If you have made your way to this article there is a good chance that you already know that there are a number of reverse phone number lookup sites available on the web. Some of these sites are pretty reliable and some of them are just out to make money.

This is one good thing about the Internet. It is an open book just full of knowledge sitting there for the taking. You can find a number of sites that provide reviews on the lookup sites. You can get first-hand information from other customers about the results and information that these sites provided them with. One great site with an updated database that users should take advantage of is whose number is this.

Know the Information That You Are Going To Get

Before you do a reverse phone number lookup, you have to know the most likely information that you are going to unveil. The search is easy. All you have to do is access the website, type in the number, and click on search. However, with a free service, there is only so much information that you are going to retrieve.

You will most likely come back with the name of the number owner, the location and address history, family member, and the cell phone carrier. If you are looking for more it might be more fruitful to hire a private investigator.